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Feeling negative and frustrated at inconsistent
performance on the course?

NOT being able to finish off good rounds like a champ?

Wasting easy shots around the green by 3 putting,
blading easy chips etc...?

Playing with 1000 swing thoughts an indecisive
mindset and NO game plan?


Playing with a positive mindset and consistent routines
that deliver under pressure!

Implementing a practice program that trains and
develops ALL the skills you need to shoot lower scores!

Turning 3 shots into 2 around the greens and developing
a razor sharp short game!

Learning innovative scoring secrets and on
course strategies to help you thrive every round!

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Jim Williams

Golf Coach with 25+ Years of Professional Experience.

Jim Williams has been a golf professional for over 25 years: first playing professionally (1993-1997) and then in 1998, he began instructing full time first in Orlando, Florida where he studied under and coached alongside multiple Top 50 instructors. During that time he also played with some of the top PGA Tour players in the world on a regular basis, which gave him unique insights into the highest levels of performance. In 2008 he started his own coaching academy in Nashville, TN moving there with his young family.

Golf in the Now is a culmination of over 25 years of practicing, playing and teaching the game, as well as focused study of the swing, mental performance, bio-mechanics and golf fitness training. For years, Jim has embraced and utilized the latest in technology (Trackman) and science (D-plane principles and 3-D analysis). Jim is a coach, motivator and friend who’s goal is helping clients achieve and even surpass the goals they set for themselves. His top priority is to develop and cultivate in each client a self-belief system that is unwavering, regardless of the “ups and downs” this game brings to us all. 

His most recent program “Take it to the Course," is a culmination of the very BEST of his coaching experience and training on how to perform at your peak ON THE COURSE. He guarantees it will lower your handicap, increase your enjoyment of the game, and set you on a path to the best golf of your life!

He currently resides in Franklin, TN with his wife Laura and 3 sons: JJ (19), Luke (16) and Patrick (13).



Lower your handicap


Increase your enjoyment of the game


Set you on a path to playing the BEST GOLF OF YOUR LIFE!

What People Say

"The work I've done with Jim has been amazing! My practice now ALWAYS has a purpose and is regimented. I work on my one KEY swing move and then test it on the range to various targets and with all my clubs.  It has lowered my handicap this year from a 15 to 8.7.  I LOVE Jim's teaching strategy.  I can always take a few core concepts he gives me and apply it on the course.  That's the sign of a great teacher!"

Kevin Maggard, Nashville, TN

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