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Would you like to quickly drop 6-10 shots or more from your handicap, boost your
confidence, and FINALLY take your range game to the course?


Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second…


Clients at Golf in the Now are getting it done on the course this year!


Multiple players with 10 strokes or more dropped in both their handicaps and tournament


Players are practicing more efficiently and seeing their time and efforts translate into what they
really want: LOWER SCORES!


Students striding confidently to the first tee and ripping opening tee shots down the middle. 


Clients chipping close and getting up and down way more often. 


Every student employing routines that calm their nerves so they can play at their best!


They are visualizing success and changing their mindset 180 degrees!


More emails than ever saying thank you!


These are the results I get with my clients every single day. And there is NO reason this can’t be
you too!


In the past 12 months, Golf in the Now has had so many clients setting and achieving
their goals and enjoying the game more than ever before BECAUSE they are shooting
lower scores and having FUN doing it!


Here are 5 of their stories:

SO NOW…. Let’s talk about YOUR performance! If you are sick and tired of playing bad,
being nervous, having 1000 swing thoughts, choking at the end of a good round, wasting your
time practicing and NOT getting any better, then you are probably stuck on one of three things:

1- Your attitude and mindset is critical and negative so you are constantly frustrated.
2- You have no routines in place whatsoever and your practice sessions are largely
unproductive because they don’t prepare you for what you face on the course.
3-You waste WAY TOO MANY shots both around the green: (3-putts, worm burners, chunked
pitch shots and missed short putts), AND off the tee with poor driving resulting in too many
penalty shots. These are SCORE and CONFIDENCE killers.

So which one is YOU? Or do you see yourself maybe in all three?

WE NEED TO TALK and see if I can indeed help you, but I can’t unless you:

1- are dedicated about seriously improving on course performance and lowering your scores
2- are coachable, disciplined and willing to make some radical changes to how your approach
the game from a practice and mindset perspective
3- take 100% ownership for your progress and effort. I’ve seen huge improvements in my

I want to say Thank You!

Many of you receiving this message are long time current or former clients of mine. I would love
nothing more than to provide a NEW and POWERFUL reason for you to come back again into
the Golf in the Now tribe!


Email me: or and let me know a time
in the next few days convenient for you to talk!

If you feel this is the opportunity you have been waiting for to FINALLY play golf the way you
know you are capable of, then email me and let’s set a time to talk! You are under NO obligation
to sign up for anything. It’s a FREE call.

You have to take action. STOP trying to do it alone and “hoping” tomorrow will be the day you
figure it all out. Just don’t let fear or hesitation get in the way. Let’s go!

Talk soon,
Jim Williams

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